Our process for deep drawn technologies was created with one goal in mind:

Make it as easy as possible for you to get your product when you need it.

Here is how we ensure each and every product exceeds your expectations:

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Initial outreach and strategy

Our process for deep drawn technologies begins with understanding your needs and developing an initial strategy. We’ll look into details, such as whether a tolerance or radius needs to be changed and determine other specifics for the project, including:

  • Order quantity
  • Release schedule
  • Time frame
  • Inventory program
  • Finishing applications

Together, we’ll develop a plan of action that best addresses your needs.

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Preparing a quote

Once we’ve determined your tooling and material needs, we will prepare a quote with price and delivery time. This quote will also factor in any pre-production samples or special requirements you may have.

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Once you’re satisfied with the project plan we will order tooling and materials and begin producing the parts.

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You should expect to receive your product in the timeframe discussed upfront. We take our project management seriously,
so you can expect us to be on track. Nothing is imported; all parts and materials are domestic, so you’re sure to receive
a quality product.

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Follow Up

As a customer courtesy, we follow up with you on our process, to confirm delivery and to ensure you’re satisfied with the product. We’ll also ask for your feedback on the product itself, delivery and customer service. From start to finish, we want to ultimately deliver a finished product that meets your standards.

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