Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Produce Square Or Rectangular Deep Drawn Stampings?

Accurate Forming produces circular deep drawn stampings which can have square, rectangular,  round and slotted openings added.

Can You Chrome Plate Automobile Parts?

Only if those parts are made from brass/copper and can fit into our plating line tanks.

What Types Of Raw Material Do You Use To Produce Deep Drawn Stampings?

Accurate Forming can produce deep drawn stampings from raw materials such as copper, brass, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and specialty metals such as gold and silver.

What Is The Longest Length You Can Draw?

Accurate Forming can draw a maximum length of 5.44 inches with a diameter of .400 inches.

What Is The Largest Diameter You Can Draw?

Accurate Forming can draw a maximum diameter of 1.562 inches with a length of .700 inches.

What Is Your Standard Tolerance For ID?

Accurate Forming’s standard ID tolerance is +/- .001 inches. However, we can hold tighter if necessary.

What Is The Smallest Part You Can Produce?

Accurate Forming has produced a part with a length of .090 inches and a diameter of .080 inches.

What Is The Minimum Material Thickness You Can Draw?

Accurate Forming can draw material as thin as .006 inches.

What Is The Difference Between A Deep Drawn Stamping And A Normal Or Shallow Drawn Stamping?

Deep drawn stamping typically refers to the overall length being greater than the outside diameter and is manufactured in a transfer or eyelet press using a sequence of dies and punches. Shallow drawn stampings are typically produced in a progressive stamping press using a single, self-enclosed die.

Do You Have A Minimum Order Quantity?

No, there is no minimum order.

Can Accurate Forming Manage A Project To Include Operations That Are Not Performed In-House?

Yes, we can manage your project from raw material to final finished product utilizing both in-house processes, as well as our network of outside vendors.

What Quality Certifications Does Accurate Forming Have?

ISO 9001.

Is Accurate Forming ITAR Registered?


Does Accurate Forming Use American Made Raw Material?

Yes. All of our raw material is sourced from American companies.

What Is The Advantage Of Deep Drawn Stamping Versus Other Metal Forming Processes Such As Extrusion?

Repeatability of part to part, superior cosmetic quality, work hardening of raw material during the stamping process eliminating the need for secondary heat treating depending on the part and minimal raw material waste.