5 Signs You Need a New Deep Drawn Supplier

5 Signs You Need a New Deep Drawn Supplier

5 Signs You Need a New Deep Drawn Supplier

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December 23, 2014

When you finally find the time to sit down and take a close look at the products and processes your company is using, you might just notice that there is considerable room for improvement. Don’t feel too bad, everything can be improved. The goal is to find the right information, make the right decisions, and bring your company up to the level of excellence that both you and your customers demand.

One of the fastest ways for a company to lose money is through suppliers, whether it is raw materials or finished products. When it comes to deep drawn metal suppliers, there are five major identifiers that will let you know it is time to change.

Missing Deadlines

This is a big one. Missed deadlines and shipping dates can very quickly cause customers to find another source. Any good supplier should be able to tell you when their products will arrive. If your supplier can’t seem to meet their obligations…move on.

Out-of-Spec Parts

This is another major cause for alarm. A good deep drawn metal supplier will have a strong quality control program that makes sure the parts you receive are top notch. Ask your supplier to see their quality program. If they can’t (or won’t) show you…find one that will.

Limited Support

There is nothing worse than a supplier who isn’t there to help when you need it. Engineering, technical support, even direct communication with upper management should be the norm for your relationship with your supplier. If you only can get the front desk every time you call…call someone else.

“We can’t support your requirements.”

Speaking of support, any good deep drawn metal supplier should have a strong Engineering and development team. A willingness to work together and find a way to make your product at a lower cost with added value should be a requirement. If you keep hearing the statement above…develop a new relationship.

And the number one top reason to find a new deep drawn metal supplier:


That’s right, the almighty dollar. Profit is what drives your business. We all know it. To keep that profit healthy you need suppliers who deliver high quality goods on time and at low cost. Deep drawn metal stamping is one of the lowest cost, highest quality, and efficient processes available. If your supplier is anything but…spend your money somewhere else.


5 Signs You Need a New Deep Drawn Supplier

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