How Choosing the Right Supplier Can Make or Break Your Deep Drawn Components

How Choosing the Right Supplier Can Make or Break Your Deep Drawn Components

How Choosing the Right Supplier Can Make or Break Your Deep Drawn Components

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August 25, 2015

When looking for a supplier for deep drawn components for your business, getting the right supplier or manufacturer is vital to your success. There are many suppliers but often there are more suppliers or manufacturers that will not meet your exact need than will. It goes beyond the single issue of part cost. Quality of materials, workmanship, quality control and total price with intangible costs all play a role in finding the right supplier.

Material Issues

Not all produced metal is created equally. What this means, in terms of deep drawn components like caps, shells and tubes is that the internal structure of the wrong material can not handle the process without deforming its internal structure to the point of compromising quality or aesthetics. The right manufacturer understands and knows how to choose the right metal or material from the thousands of choices available and therefore are able to get the right quality metal to produce your components. Even if a component appears to be fine, lower quality material can start to show stress, degrade, and fail while in use.

Quality Control

Along with material quality, quality control can make the right supplier. Housings, eyelets, shells and tubes can all be critical components that affect the mechanical reliability of products. Making sure each and every one is to the exact specifications for the customer is a vital skill and not all suppliers apply the necessary energy to making sure quality control is unparalleled. The right manufacturer will make sure each and every part or component is correct before it is packaged or shipped. For those that rely on quality and dependability, the right partnership with the right supplier is essential.


With excellent quality control and the right material, the next aspect of the right manufacturer is their workmanship. Solid craftsmanship means producing an excellent part from start to finish. It is more than just running a machine, it is understanding the complexities and niches that come with manufacturing any part. The right supplier lets their workmanship stand on its own.

Obviously, the right partnership with the right supplier or manufacturer can make sure your deep drawn components are on spec, on quality and perfect for your company. Engaging the right supplier adds value to your business and the better the partner for you, the more value in your relationship and business.


How Choosing the Right Supplier Can Make or Break Your Deep Drawn Components

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