Should You Care about Working with an ISO Certified Company?

Should You Care about Working with an ISO Certified Company?

Should You Care about Working with an ISO Certified Company?

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March 10, 2015


We all know they are important factors that can alter our perception of virtually any company, organization, or even individual. The right certification or registration means that the company has gone the extra mile to comply with the highest standards available.

The auto mechanic at your local garage or dealer might be ASE certified, lawyers are required to be board certified, and we certainly all look for the right certifications when choosing a doctor for our family. In the manufacturing industry, companies who have proven the willingness to excel achieve the title ISO Certified.

Knowing the right certifications to look for is only part of it, however. Knowing what they mean, and how they apply to the company or service you are considering is even more important.

ISO 9000 certification sets the standards for businesses that want to ensure that their products and quality always meet the customer’s highest expectations. An ISO certified company has embarked on a long and difficult process to bring their business to a higher level. Through dedication, planning, and excellent management these companies are diligent in the details.

The ISO 9000 family of certification includes the 9001:2008 certification. This certification standard is based on strong customer focus, top management motivation, and a continuing passion for improvement using a process management approach.

An ISO certified company has been inspected and audited many times over by specific third party accredited certification bodies. Achieving the standard once is not enough. To wear the ISO badge, companies must constantly maintain the highest standards and strive to improve in every facet of operation.

Knowing the details behind this sort of achievement, the choice becomes simple. When you find a vendor who proudly displays their ISO certification, you can be confident that customer service, accuracy, and integrity are the mainstays of operation.

Becoming an ISO certified company isn’t easy, nor is it required by any law. Companies who have taken the extra step have done so of their own accord, to prove themselves to their customers and to the market. They do it to stand out from the rest. To be tested and not found lacking.


Should You Care about Working with an ISO Certified Company?

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