What Do People Use Deep Drawn Shells For?

What Do People Use Deep Drawn Shells For?

What Do People Use Deep Drawn Shells For?

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June 2, 2015

There are many things around us all that we overlook, or take for granted. Most are small, seemingly unimportant details that we hardly notice. We call them trim, or finishing, or molding, and we only really notice when they become damaged or discolored.

If you take a look around with a different eye, you just might start to notice the little details. That favorite pen that you write with everyday, the components for the fuel delivery system in your car, the insulin devices that diabetics carry with them are all examples. You pay them little attention, but without them the world would be quite different.

The fact is all of these items are actually deep drawn products, created using the same process that makes cans, tubes, grommets, and a host of other useful everyday items. The deep drawn stamping process is used to make hundreds of different kinds of items that fill the world around us, and we hardly notice.

As the name might imply deep drawn shells are typically used as covers, plates, containers, and other applications of high visibility. Using the deep drawn process to create these products makes them seamless and more finished than most other manufacturing methods, making deep draw one of the most popular choices for many industries.

If you look around a bit, you might find deep drawn shells in many industries such as automotive, medical, and writing instruments. A trip to the local hardware store would yield plenty of examples as well.

Even the machinery that makes deep drawn products has plenty of examples. These machines, and others like them in industries all over the world, are literally covered with enclosures, bezels, and small seamless housings for oils or fluids. All of these innocuous but critical components are deep drawn shells. The ability to make seamless parts without any nooks and crannies that can harbor bacteria or filth in deep drawn products makes them the best choice in industrial applications such as machinery, where maintenance issues can cost hundreds of dollars a minute.

Like most things, we as people never notice deep drawn products as we move through our lives. We cover things that may injure us, and conceal what we find unsightly. We create shapes that are appealing to our eyes and our touch. This is, after all, the purpose of technology; to create better living through modern manufacturing.


What Do People Use Deep Drawn Shells For?

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