3 Tips to Communicating with Your Deep Drawn Stamping Supplier

3 Tips to Communicating with Your Deep Drawn Stamping Supplier

3 Tips to Communicating with Your Deep Drawn Stamping Supplier

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May 12, 2015

In any project, communication is the key. Without a strong communication plan, some of the most pertinent information can get lost in the shuffle. When starting a new project, it isn’t always easy to establish a good base of communication as everyone involved typically has their own ideas and experiences. This can lead to some very interesting, but damaging, gaps in information.

When communicating with a deep drawn stamping supplier, it is important to keep in mind a few simple concepts and ideas. To help this process, here are three of the most useful tips for creating a strong communication plan.

Be Specific

This might seem obvious, but many times we forget that the other person is not inside our heads. Words like ‘small’ or ‘curved’ may seem perfectly understandable to us, because we have a perfect mental picture of what we want. To the listener however, they may have a very different concept of what those words mean. Try to have a strong design in mind before the meeting, complete with numbers and data. Remember, you want the best outcome of the project and so does your supplier.

Learn a Few Key Words

No deep drawn stamping supplier expects you to completely understand their process, but knowing a bit about the terms used can make a remarkable difference when communicating an idea. The supplier is no doubt more than willing to help design the best product available for your needs, but the better the information, the better the outcome. Do you want a chamfer? Is the part slotted or notched? Terms like these will go a long way towards getting the best end result.

Understand the Timeline

In the manufacturing industry, we all want our parts yesterday. Everyone understands that. A good deep drawn stamping supplier will always make every effort to finish the parts you need as quickly as possible. As the customer, understanding a bit about the complexity and lead time of the project can save considerable frustrations down the road. Keep a reasonable time frame for the project, and trust that your supplier is working just as fast as they can. If the lead time seems excessive, find another quote and compare.

In the end, both the customer and supplier are working towards same goal. A bit of communication makes certain that the goal is well defined.


3 Tips to Communicating with Your Deep Drawn Stamping Supplier

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