A Brief History of Marker Pen Components

A Brief History of Marker Pen Components

A Brief History of Marker Pen Components

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July 9, 2015

The ubiquitous pen has a long and storied history. From the first uses of a feather to scribe upon papyrus to the modern, ballpoint, the pen and specifically the marker pen, has changed the way we write as a whole.

The term marker pen generically describes a pen with a felt or fiber tip that applies ink to the writing surface. In common parlance, marker pens are those such as felt tips for writing, highlighters and more. However, there is another marker pen, that is less well known to the mainstream but it well understood and respected in communities that use them.

The pen referenced is the fountain, marker pen or to be more specific a pen that has the body of a fountain pen but instead of a metallic nib, has a fiber or felt tip. The fountain tip pen was introduced in the 1880’s with the felt tip or fiber tip pen being introduced in the 1960’s. Not long after, the two were merged to create a specialized pen that became common in modern calligraphy creation and for drafting and engineering. The reason for this is the marker pen could provide various widths or styles, within a certain range by just altering the pressure applied to the tip.

Marker pens, of the type described above, are instruments of precision and accuracy and are in fact, an art form of their own. To create such an instrument, the marker pen components must be of the highest quality workmanship. As each part forms the interconnected whole, concerns with one component can lead to issues with another. Beyond quality, some of those who regularly engage with marker pens require specialized construction or materials and as such, it require care and high standards to deliver such a marker pen or marker pen components. The only way to consistently provide such a high level of craftsmanship is by using the deep drawn method of manufacturing.

While the history of the pen in general is long and storied, the marker pen is one of lessor history. What separates the marker pen from the others, is the final outcome of its purpose. From the car we drive to the skyscrapers in our vast and sprawling cities, the marker pen is what helps the ideas flow from the mind to reality.


A Brief History of Marker Pen Components

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