Premium Writing Instruments as Works of Art

Premium Writing Instruments as Works of Art

Premium Writing Instruments as Works of Art

Created By: accurateforstg
July 7, 2015

The art of communicating through written form has brought the global human community together, and at times tore us apart. Even today, in our massive information-fueled systems of electronic transmission, writing the language in the forms of letters and symbols is still paramount over all other forms of conveyance. Writing has withstood the test of time and has become more than a simplistic means of recording history, it evolved into an art form that contains the future of us all.

Writing as a means of communication requires only the most basic of marks. However, writing as an art form requires premium writing instruments and components that are precise and accurate in order to form the complex, hand created patterns upon the page.

The writing instrument is more than just a collection of objects forming a system to carry fluid to the page. It is a connection, or bridge between the writer and the page, not any different from that of the maestro’s baton or the paintbrush of the classical artists. Thus it is essential that the writing instrument be of the highest quality and construction.

As discussed, a premium writing instrument for creating written works of art must be well made. Importantly, not all manufacturing methods are created equal and therefore, not all writing instruments are created equal. Premium writing instrument components can only be assuredly and consistently manufactured using the deep drawn method of metallic forming. Shells, tubes, cans and housings, all must fit together perfectly to become the instrument it was designed to be.

Furthermore, many writers prefer and require a range of metals such as the precious metals of gold, sterling silver and more, in order to achieve the accuracy, consistency and precision they desire. These components, when assembled into the writing instrument, become the tool for the writer’s craft and are as unique as the writer themselves.

We are not discussing the mass marketed, writing utensils that are common today. Deep drawn forming of premium writing instrument components, takes as much care and attention to detail, as the end result of the writer’s effort. In fact, these styles of writing instruments are considered a work of art in their own right. Painstakingly crafted, these well made, precise and accurate instruments of written conveyance are highly prized and respects for they are that tool which becomes the means of expression.


Premium Writing Instruments as Works of Art

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