—- Deep Draw Fundamentals: Value Added Operations (1)

—- Deep Draw Fundamentals: Value Added Operations (1)

—- Deep Draw Fundamentals: Value Added Operations (1)

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August 9, 2013

Accurate Forming offers several Value Added Secondary Operations to our customers. The following are some of those operations:

Piercing – A process used to provide holes with tight tolerances for metal components. Piercing is more productive than drilling and offers a cleaner cut. Accurate Forming utilizes piercing to add holes to the sides, bottoms or tops of the deep drawn product we manufacture. The piercing process is accomplished by using a punch and dies which is capable of providing more than one (1) hole per operation. These holes are used for many applications which include switches, connections, lights (LED’s), mating assembly openings and more. Accurate Forming performs it’s piercing as a secondary operation which is typically customized to the deep drawn part which is being pierced.

Notching – Accurate Forming utilizes notching as a secondary operation on our deep drawn products. A shearing or punching process is used in a press, so as to cut vertically down and perpendicular to the surface, working from the edge of a work piece. Notching is a low-cost process, particularly for its low tooling costs with a small range of standard punches. Notches are added to Accurate Forming’s deep drawn product to mate pieces together during an assembly.

Slotting – A punch press operation is the ideal means of fabricating a slot on an Accurate Forming deep drawn stamping due to its cost effectiveness. This process requires a dedicated punching die that uses a mandrel or support of some fashion to create the slot. Typical shapes include a straight slot (rectangular or square), or a keyway, locking slot that is curved inside on the end of the slot. This style is commonly used for tubes or for locating the direction of a tube in a fitting during assembly. Accurate Forming customizes the tooling required for slotting our deep drawn product based on the drawn product itself and the number of slots that will be required for that part. If the opportunity exists Accurate Forming will produce more than one (1) slot per operation. This will increase the thru put of the manufacturing process thus lowering the overall cost to the customer.

Next week we will continue with more operations.

What makes Accurate Forming unique is our ability to produce extremely high quality parts with long lengths, small diameters and very tight tolerances. We can accomplish this while working with materials such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel, cold roll steel, titanium grade 1, copper and a number of other precious metals. Let Accurate Forming’s engineering expertise help you design, produce and receive the highest quality part you can get.

Please contact Accurate Forming at (973)827-7155 or at [email protected] or visit our website at to learn more about what Accurate Forming can do for you.

Accurate Forming’s part finishing capability includes high performance powder coating, electrostatically applied lacquer, nickel and chrome plating and polishing all done underneath our roof.  Accurate Forming has other finishing operations available such as polishing, heat treating, anodizing, burnishing, four color lithography and surface detailing. Services required that are not performed in house will be managed through our outside services.


---- Deep Draw Fundamentals: Value Added Operations (1)

With a streamlined process, Accurate Forming was able to increase production volume and reduce costs successfully allowing the company to improve the durability and visual appearance of the product.

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