Deep Drawn Products that have changed the World

Deep Drawn Products that have changed the World

Deep Drawn Products that have changed the World

Created By: accurateforstg
January 13, 2015

When someone talks about the deep drawn process and the products that are created by it, the topic seldom turns to helping humanity. In fact, most of the time when someone thinks or talks about any manufacturing process they have very distinct pre-conceived notions. They might consider parts that are used in the automotive industry, or industrial products. Certainly all of these things are in fact created by manufacturing processes such as deep drawn metal stamping, so the notion is not completely incorrect.

Fact is however, that the products created by the deep drawn process have always played an important role in making the world a better place. Nowhere is this more evident than in the medical industry. Some of the most common medical instruments that help save lives every day are created using the deep drawn metal stamping process.

Items such as insulin delivery devices that help make a diabetes patient more comfortable and independent, precision crafted catheters, components of nebulizer and aerosol treatment equipment that help people breathe better, are all produced using the deep drawn process.

The deep drawn process is uniquely suited for medical equipment due to the fact that deep drawn products are seamless. This is critical in a sterile environment as it prevents bacteria from collecting in the narrow seams. Other processes that require joining two or more sections to create a part leave behind seams that can later corrode, causing issues of contamination as well as durability.

Deep drawn products are also typically stronger than similar products created through other processes. The unique cold working attribute of deep drawn parts make them durable and precise, even over time. This feature makes deep draw the chosen process for industries all over the world, creating products that you use and see every day.

Truth is, no matter where you look, there is a good possibility that deep drawn products have played an important role. Whether it is the insulin delivery device that allows people everywhere to self-administer life-saving drugs, or the nebulizer that helps a child to breathe better, deep drawn parts play a critical role in our world.



Deep Drawn Products that have changed the World

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