The Advantages of the Deep Drawn process over other processes

The Advantages of the Deep Drawn process over other processes

The Advantages of the Deep Drawn process over other processes

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January 20, 2015

The deep drawn metal stamping process holds a clear advantage over other types of metal forming in several key ways. Cost is low, quality is high, and the process is known to be efficient and accurate. But what about the screw machine process? The capabilities seem similar, and in some cases the final products look about the same.



The deep drawn stamping process handles large volume projects with ease. High line speeds, low downtime, minimal operator interaction, and the ability of most parts to be created in a continuous operation combines to make deep draw one of the fastest high volume processes available. By comparison the screw machine process is typically a single part operation, which means fewer parts per minute and higher operator interaction.


Let’s not forget the cost factor. Typically, the cost of the finished part is based on factors such as material used and the amount of machining time required. The same process features that allow the deep draw process to generate higher volumes than other methods also mean greatly reduced costs. Less machine time per part, low labor involvement, and high line speeds make deep drawn stamping one of the lowest cost per part processes available.


By design, the deep drawn process maintains a very high repeatability between parts and from batch to batch. This means high quality, less scrap, and satisfied customers every time. Other processes just don’t measure up.

On the surface many manufacturing process may appear similar while in reality each is very unique in strengths and weaknesses. It always pays to dig in, get your hands dirty, and research. In most cases, those little differences mean higher costs!



The Advantages of the Deep Drawn process over other processes

With a streamlined process, Accurate Forming was able to increase production volume and reduce costs successfully allowing the company to improve the durability and visual appearance of the product.

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