Does the Deep Draw Supplier You Choose Really Matter?

Does the Deep Draw Supplier You Choose Really Matter?

Does the Deep Draw Supplier You Choose Really Matter?

Created By: accurateforstg
April 28, 2015

Choices…choices. As people, much of our lives revolve around the choices we make. Some are simple and we make them without even really noticing, while others are far more complex and take considerable time and thought. The process our minds work through when making decisions is actually a highly complex balance of needs versus risks. Whether it’s deciding to try the new restaurant in town or buying a new car, we weigh the known risks against our needs or wants, and we choose a balance.

Working with deep draw suppliers is no different. As the customer, you want the best quality part at the lowest cost. In an ideal world the parts would be flawless and free, but you understand that is not an option, so the decision making process begins.

After a bit of quick research, a list soon emerges of available deep draw suppliers. Now the choices become more involved. Knowing that the best decision will be a good balance of risks and needs, how does one begin to choose?

Or perhaps it doesn’t matter. You decide that maybe the lowest cost option is the best.

A bit more research and you have located a supplier with really low prices. After a visit to the facility you discover that they are not ISO certified, nobody seemed to know where the QC department was, and quite honestly the shop floor was so filthy and run down that you were concerned for your own safety, let alone that of the workers.

But the price was so low, so attractive.

Over the next few days you call the supplier several times, but cannot seem to reach anyone for help. The E-mails you send seem to be trapped somewhere in cyberspace, and you sincerely wonder if the prototype parts you ordered will ever show up. Time passes.

Your own project timeline keeps ticking and ticking.

At last, a small battered box arrives on your desk. Opening the box, you empty the contents onto your desk. The cracked, oddly shaped parts stare back at you from the laminate surface. None of them are even close to what your project requires. With a heavy sigh, you go back to your list to find another deep draw supplier.

This time however you are smarter, and wiser. Now you know that it does matter.


Does the Deep Draw Supplier You Choose Really Matter?

With a streamlined process, Accurate Forming was able to increase production volume and reduce costs successfully allowing the company to improve the durability and visual appearance of the product.

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Learn what to look for in a parts manufacturer and what questions you should be asking suppliers.


Quickly provide information on two of the most popular metal forming processes used today.

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