What You Should Look for in a Small Deep Drawn Parts Manufacturer


What You Should Look for in a Small Deep Drawn Parts Manufacturer

What You Should Look for in a Small Deep Drawn Parts Manufacturer

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April 27, 2015

They say that bigger is better. In the manufacturing world however, sometimes it is the smaller products that take the most experience and skill to produce. In the deep drawn stamping industry, small parts are indeed some of the most difficult and challenging to create.

The nature of the deep draw process relies on complex engineering formulas and calculations. Creating parts that are small requires precision, expert knowledge, and tooling that has been machined to the highest standards.

When looking for a supplier, top quality deep drawn parts manufacturers have several key features that demonstrate the ability to create deep drawn products with very small dimensions.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

In the industry of today, CNC machining centers are a must. While there are still plenty of talented master machinists who can create fantastic products by skill alone, in order to manage the detailed, complex operations required for small deep drawn parts, computer control is a priority.

High end / Well maintained machinery

Worn or out-of-date machinery can cause a host of problems in any deep drawn part, particularly very small products. Tolerances that may be more relaxed in larger fixtures become even more crucial when scaled down. The quality of the finished deep drawn part is only as good as the quality of the tooling that creates it. A good manufacturer should have current technology, in a high state of repair.

Quality Control

Most manufacturers will tell you that they have all the latest quality control devices and tools. It never hurts to take a look. If the QC department consists of someone with a magnifying glass sitting at a bench, you may want to move on. There is plenty of technology available today that allows manufacturers to inspect parts at an almost microscopic level. Cracks, fissures, and other problems not visible to the eye (or magnifying glass) become very clear under microscopes and comparators.

The days of darkened, dusty machine shops are long past. A reputable manufacturer will be more than happy to answer questions, provide information about their tooling and quality control, and even conduct tours of the facility to showcase the equipment. The best way to know if the deep drawn parts manufacturer you are considering is up to par is to ask the right questions. If they are professional, they will be glad you did.


What You Should Look for in a Small Deep Drawn Parts Manufacturer

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