Five Great Industrial Blogs to Follow

Five Great Industrial Blogs to Follow

Five Great Industrial Blogs to Follow

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February 3, 2015

Times have changed. Technology has brought the world closer together and made it easier than ever to share information over a broad spectrum. Information that was once only available through trade shows is now readily available to anyone with internet access.


Known as blogs, these mini websites contain vast amounts of quality information, both fact and opinion, and are a veritable treasure trove of knowledge on almost any subject.

Industrial blogs are no different. Manufacturers worldwide are able to post news, product updates, share information regarding market trends, and virtually any other information that is important to share.

There are many Industrial blogs out there, some general, others industry-specific, but they all share a wealth of information that’s just a click away. Listed here are five of the most common and trusted industrial blogs today., Industry Market Trends

If you aren’t familiar with, they are well known and respected as one of the top authorities on all things industrial. Their blog, as the name implies, focuses on current market trends in industry and is a valuable source of trustworthy information.


Dating back to the year 2000, this industrial blog focuses on manufacturing and product news. Trends, new developments and ideas are all at your fingertips.


Founded in 2007, this blog is operated by the Alliance for American Manufacturing, a not-for-profit organization. Information in this blog is specific to each state in the U.S. and is a terrific source of information for local news and trends.

MAPI.Net, Manufacturing Outlook Blog

This well managed industrial blog is a collection of authors and content with a focus on the economic side of manufacturing. While the content is often in opinion format, the information is data driven and trustworthy. The site is searchable by author, so you can follow a specific writer if you wish.


As the name implies, this industrial blog is focused on manufacturing that is based and operated in the continental U.S. Additionally, the blog provides useful information for companies that may be looking to return operations to U.S. soil. This localized specialization makes the blog very useful to onshore industries as well as those located elsewhere.

Industrial blogs are fast becoming the most popular form of information gathering available. Even smaller companies have well written informative blogs that are worth the click!



Five Great Industrial Blogs to Follow

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