The Top 3 Benefits of Using American Manufacturers

The Top 3 Benefits of Using American Manufacturers

The Top 3 Benefits of Using American Manufacturers

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October 27, 2015

As many buyers have discovered, local purchasing is simpler and altogether more convenient than offshore sourcing. And with the steady resurgence of high-quality American manufacturing, there are fewer reasons to purchase specialized parts and components overseas. The benefits of local sourcing are especially evident when procuring non-standard parts and components for your assembly lines. Using American manufacturers streamlines the procurement process and is far more flexible than external sourcing of the same products. Here are three top benefits of local sourcing.

Simplifies Product Development

Companies engaged in manufacturing go through a lengthy process of product development of the components that make up an assembly. It is the attention to detail by the manufacturer of even the smallest part that helps ensure a product meets specifications and has a low failure rate. Working with a local American supplier simplifies this process, because it’s easier to communicate and troubleshoot issues face-to-face and response times are much shorter.

Quality Control

Buyers need assurance that component manufacturers have effective quality management systems (QMS) in place. This is easier with American suppliers because audits are readily conducted and it’s simple to track quality and monitor suppliers’ QMS processes. The same cannot be said of overseas suppliers who may be difficult to audit, while action to correct deviations is slow, and when problems occur, all parties face major rework issues. Sourcing from American manufacturers means higher, more controllable quality and fewer rejects.

Shorter Supply Chain

Delivery from an American manufacturer is fast and simple. There are none of the shipping issues of overseas supply, such as shipping delays, long lead times, shipping costs and import formalities to worry about. In many instances, suppliers can expect overnight delivery from an American supplier. This leads to a shorter supply chain that is more responsive to changes and well suited to limited production runs, allowing the customer to respond quickly to changes in demand.

When considering decisions on parts sourcing, it’s easy to see that American manufacturers offer numerous benefits over offshore suppliers. These range from quick interaction with suppliers, personal involvement to resolve issues, the ability to rapidly respond to meet changing requirements and higher quality. These benefits lead to lower overall costs, especially when indirect costs such as travel, accommodation and costs of procurement staff are factored in. Additionally, the use of American manufacturers benefits the economy, especially in regional terms, and strengthens the American manufacturing base.

The Top 3 Benefits of Using American Manufacturers

With a streamlined process, Accurate Forming was able to increase production volume and reduce costs successfully allowing the company to improve the durability and visual appearance of the product.

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